Our exceptional customer service comes from our ongoing commitment to open communication. We believe that we can never communicate too much. Our consistent professional service and genuine care for our clients is the key to our success. Below are some of the things we do to ensure a good communication is established between us and our client.

To keep communication lines open between us and our clients, shop supervisors are appointed and can be contacted at any time via phone or email. If you require special attention to a particular area, all you have to do is to send us an email and our shop supervisors will ensure that the particular area is addressed when our cleaners commence their routine cleaning for the next day. Further, if there is anything we notice that may require your attention such as leaks, graffiti, damage, hazards or low supplies, we will let you know immediately. We will also send you a regular cleaning report summarizing our services and any findings free of charge.
Each month, a contact evaluation sheet will be sent out to each of our shop owners / property managers. The evaluation sheets allow you to rate the standard of our cleaning and provide us with feedback for improvement.
We routinely inspect your property to make sure that all areas are being properly cleaned in accordance with your specifications. The inspection report is tailored to the property and you specific needs. Information from the inspection report can be used for reviewing and if necessary modifying the cleaning program to ensure the best results are achieved.